My name is Jessie Alexandra Moncrief.

The thing that brings me the most joy in life is creating and at times, sharing the things.

I try to move through life with the hope of exploring how I can take my most basic skills of art making and integrate them with advanced technologies and turn my ideas into something much bigger.

I work with a smorgasbord of mediums, as I am constantly expanding my practices of presentation; from interactive, shrine-like instillation’s, sculptural displays, projection art, to directing light and sound. My goal has always been to step away from simply pinning up a piece of paper on the wall and calling it art, by moving towards a transformation process of the environment and space as a whole.

It would be nice to feel as if someone could simply walk into the room and say “Jessie has been here.”

This transformation process,

The one that happens when I have chosen a space to work in, very directly mirrors the way in which I problem solve as a functioning human being.

I sit, digest, and mediate with the environment. By allowing a line of communication between myself and the objects in the space they are intended to inhabit; I am comfortably capable of finding a method of translation for said objects to communicate their assigned messages.

The process, the transformation, life in general can be many things; enjoyable, extremely difficult, and at times terrifying. To balance myself out as an artist I thoroughly enjoy employing the “left” side of my brain, to give my “right” sided-ness a break.

As an entrepreneur, the future will always be an exciting place, and I take comfort in knowing that I am capable of leaning one way or the other.